I searched the Federal Census from 1900 and 1910 along with the Michigan Census of 1884. I was able to compile the complete listing for the children of John and Frances Piechowiak. It included Walenty who came with them from Poland and the ten children born in America.

The information was I able to complete on each was obtained from a variety of resources. They included my cousins Dorothy and Helen as well as the Bay City Times. A few of the children, because of the amount of information I received about them, I created a separate chapter.

Walenty (Valentine) PIECHOWIAK, born January 6,1878 in Poland..married Josephine TUREK daughter of Frank TUREK and Mary KORPSKI on October 24, 1905, died July 30, 1915 of heart disease while on lunch break at work....have obituary which I will share later. They had a still born child on Setember 28, 1909. He was a woodmaker at a pail factory in Bay City. Josephine died in Detroit, MI in July 1937. Both are buried in St Stan's.

Walenty/Josephine's wedding in 1905, Bessie (Walenty's sister) is on left, sister Wanda between bride and groom and Wallace his brother is on right of picture.

Walenty/Josephine Piechowiak Grave

Stephan PIECHOWIAK, born late 1881, when he died I have never been able to ascertain. He did marry a Jessie at some point but no one remembers what happened to him after moving to Chicago or if they had any children.

Stephan Piechowiak in 1920

Waclaw PIECHOWIAK (Wallace), was born July 10, 1883. He began a career in the US Navy and served in World War 1. He served many years as a bandmaster for the Navy. He married Lottie Kuffel on Nov. 8, 1926. They never had children. He died in 1956, Lottie died in 1970. Wallace at some point changed his last name to Peterson.

Wallace/Lottie's wedding Nov. 8, 1926. Groom's man was Chester Luczak son of Thomas who was Frances's brother. Left of photo is Florence Piechowiak as a young woman. Standing flower girl is Helen Slezak daughter of Wanda Piechowiak Slezak. Sitting flowergirl is Dorothy Lepczyk, Wallace's niece and daughter of Bessie Piechowiak Lepczyk.

Wallace was a US Navy Bandmaster for many years travelling around the world.

Wallace's grave...he changed his last name to Peterson due to how Poles were treated in early 20th century.

Lottie KUFFEL Piechowiak, Wallace's widow, grave marker beside Wallace

Stanley PIECHOWIAK, born October 29, 1885. He married in 1910 to Mary BORYSIAK, daughter of John and Frances Borysiak.. They had 2 children; Florence (TOMCZAK) born in 1911 and Cecilia (DUKARSKI)born in 1913. Mary died in May of 1916 with cause unknown and what happened to Stanley afterwards is unknown, thus my great grandparents raised them. Celia married Lucien DUKARSKI in 1935 she died on February 16, 1978. Lucien passed away just 10 months later. While on a recent trip to Bay City I spoke with Celia's daughter Lenore, though due to circumstances beyond her control she was unable to provide family information. However, to my surprise she advised me that Celia's sister FLORENCE though approaching 91 was still alive and living in Bay City. She placed the call to Florence to let her know I would like to meet her. I met her on Saturday April 6, 2002. Though her mind and body has slowed with age it was a delight to meet her as she is only 1 of 3 known surviving 1st cousins. Florence has since passed away.

Stanley/Marie Piechowiak wedding in 1910. Bessie, sister of Stanley is on his left...others not identified.

Florence Piechowiak (TOMCZAK) 4/7/2002 at age 90

Wanda PIECHOWIAK Slezak, was born June 1, 1888 and married Augustin Stanley SLEZAK (born 4/11/1881 in Calumet, NJ and died 7/11/1948) son of John and Mary Canto SLEZAK ,who were almost next door neighbors, around not verified. They had 6 children Maria, Virginia, Helen, Stanley, Violet and Henrrietta. Helen I met on an early trip to Bay City....she gave me the first the descriptions of my great grandparents. She also let me know that her mother before her death was an active genealogist and had all the family records that would have made this search unnecessary, however, she burned them all months before she died. Helen married Stanley LESNIAK in 1936...he died in 1972...she has remarried. Helen has since passed away. Stanley Jr married a Eve KOSNONSKI both are now deceased. Hennrietta married a Ray KOOZYSKI and they are deceased. Wanda died in February 1963. Virginia, the last of Wanda's children passed away in 2002.

Wanda/Stanley wedding around 1907. Bessie, sitting to the groom's right only other person identified in picture.

Wanda's grave

The above children except for Valenty, who was born in Poland, were born while Jan/Fances lived in East Tawas, Michigan. Bessie, the next child was the 1st born in Bay City.

Bessie PIECHOWIAK Lepczyk, born February 24, 1890.Two of Joe/Bessie's children survive today; William, whom I did not meet on this trip and Dorothy, whom I had the pleasure to meet with for several hours this last trip. Dorothy is 89 yrs old, sharp, witty and very gracious.(Dorothy passed away in 2005) I also met her son, my 2nd cousin, Steve and his wife Alice. They entertained me an evening in their home. Dorothy's other son William I have not met.I have many pictures due to Dorothy's diligence in saving them and Steve & Bill's digitizing them and providing them to me....I will forever be grateful to them all...because of Dorothy's record keeping the Lepczyk family have the most pictures. There is a later chapter devoted to Bessie and her family.

John PIECHOWIAK Jr. There is a separate chapter for John and his family with pictures.

John's registration for the draft during WWI

Frank PIECHOWIAK born, October 11,189...he married Lucy MINDYKOWSKI on August 28, 1920. They had one son...Frank Jr. At some point Frank got in trouble with the law and was sent to the state prison....he was the getaway driver in a bank robbery. Lucy divorced him while he was in prison. His death date unknown.

Edward PIECHOWIAK, born October 11, 1897 married Victoria SINICKI daughter of John and Gussie SINICKI. They had 3 children Virgil, Edward and Arthur. Arthur and Virgil, all of whom have passed away. Edward and Victoria died within months if each other in 1986. Edward Jr. married Florence Dordas in the late 1940's and had 4 children; David, Bruce, Patricia and Jon. They then divorced at some point and Florence remarried and had one more child; Jeanne. I have communicated with Jon in the past but due to his young age at the time of divorce remembers little to nothing of his father or grand parents. I believe but have not confirmed as yet that Edward Jr. passed away in 1982, Florence is alive and continues to reside in Bay City. I have been in recent touch with Sue; a cousin of Florence's late second husband as she tries to put together a family tree, hopefully we have helped each other.

Eddie Piechowiak..US Navy...USS George Washington

The SS George Washington; seized by US in 1917, used as Navy transport ship

SS George Washinton taking President Wilson to Versailles Conference in 1919

Edward/Victoria Wedding August 22, 1921

Edward & Victoria later years

Another later year photo of Edward & Victoria

Edward & Victoria's 50th wedding anniversary

Edward's grave

Edward Jr. as a baby

Edward Jr. in 1946

Anna PIECHOWIAK, born April 29, 1900 and died May 20, 1900. She was buried within the Stanislaw Piechowiak family plot in an unmarked grave. My cousin Dorothy didn't remember Anna ever being spoken of as she was growing may have been too painful to bring such a subject up with my great grandparents.

The Piechowiak Family Plot Anna is buried unmarked grave. Also buried here I discovered on another trip to Bay City is ANDRUS PIECHOWIAK...I am not sure of his exact relationship however, his burial record at St Stan's cemetery indicates his last address before death was that of my great grandparents...which does indicate a relationship. I also recently received the BAPTISM record for ANNA: she was baptized on May 6, 1900, her godparents were; Andrus Piechowiak & Angela Wasochoska (not sure of spelling as difficult to read).

Roger, David & Mrs. Piechowiak (left to right). I visited with them while in Bay City. David and Ann came up one evening from Detroit for dinner and stayed at same motel. Roger came down to meet the following morning. David is the grandson of Stanislaw Piechowiak and Roger his great grandson. Stanley, along with his wife Stanislawa and daughter Theresa are buried in the above site. The fact that Anna is buried here, Andrew is buried here and also that Stanislaw and family followed the exact same route as my great grandfather coming to America leads us all to believe there was at least a cousin relationship between Jan, Stanislaw and Andrew.

Photocopy of combined photos of Stanislaw & Stanley given to me by David.

Photocopy of picture of Stanislawa, wife of Stanislaw, also given to me by David.

Wladyslaw PIECHOWIAK, born October 2, 1902.....MY GRANDFATHER. Served in the US Marine Corp and was a draftsman. he was not proud of his Polish heritage and before entering the Marine Corp changed his name to John Robert Adams. He married a Sarah WRAY in Elimira New York and had 3 daughter, Frances, Doris and mother. His 1st wife left him and he returned to Bay City, then Detroit and remarried but had no more children. He died September 30, 1973. He is buried in Missouri beside his 2nd wife Alice.

My grandfather at age 63. I just received this on 12/9/2013, the first time I have ever been able to see a photo of my grandfather

I have found through records on the internet that one PIECHOWIAK received Poland's highest military honor, like our Medal of Honor, his name was JOSEF PIECHOWIAK. I don't know if he was related or not but thought I would mention it and also show a picture of the honor.















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