My Birth Father Robert Irwin Marx during World War ll doing a radio broadcast for the Merchant Marines

The only natural place for me to begin is my birth father, He was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 9, 1927 to Ruth Good Marx and Irwin John Marx. He served in the Merchant Marines during World War ll. He worked at Burlington Northern Railroad throughout his working career. At the time of my birth he and his family were my birth mother's next door neighbors.

I will share about my paternal grandmother Ruth as I go into the Weikert and especially the Good family lines.

I have no photos from the MARX family line but have been able to trace, with some incomplete information, back to my great,great, great, great paternal grandparents.

4th Great Grandparents:

Joel Franck b: 1748, Haidenfallt, Germany, died:01/22/1836 Essweiler, Germany

Married: Eva Frankel b: 1767, Hundsbach, Germany, died: 06/14/1832 Essweiler, Germany

They had 3 children:

1. Joseph Franck b: 01/17/1799, Hundsbach, Germany (3rd Great Grandfather) died: 06/10/1872 Essweiler, Germany (see 2 marriages below) buried HinzweilerGermany….Jewish Cemetery Essweiler established. His tombstone is described by a photographer as: Joseph Franck - 10/6/1872: Von Esweiller, Stein mi Rundbogigen Abschlus auf Vorderseite im oberin Teil drei sechsblattrige Blumen (Rossetten) und eine x - formige Vergerung. Only 36 of the tombstones remain and are deteriorating quickly.

2. Moses Franck b: 08/28/1803, Neunkircher, Germany (3rd Great Uncle) died: 01/20/1885, Essweiler, Germany

Married Johannetta Feibt on 05/11/1830 b:01/04/1804 Spendlingen, Germany d: 04/06/1851 Essweiler, Germany

She would give birth to 8 children ALL in Essweiler; if death date is listed they died in Essweiler:

Herman Franck b:05/15/1831 d:09/23/1903 Essweiler, buried Hinzweiler Germany

Herman married Ester Moses on 05/10/1860 in Essweiler, daughter of Aaron Moses/Henrietta Dreifus in Nanzweiler, Germany b: 04/17/1837 d:12/19/1884 Essweiler

Ester gave birth to 12 children all in Essweiler:

Carolina Franck b: 05/05/1861

Sara Franck b: 09/09/1862 d: 1938 Kairserslautern, Germany

Josephine Frank b: 05/15/1864 d: 12/12/1872 Essweiler

Julius Franck b: 12/15/1865

Amalie Franck b:02/16/1868 d:12/14/1870 Essweiler

Aaron Franck b: 05/19/1870

Gustav Franck b: 06/30/1872

Bertha Franck b; 02/18/1874

Adolf Frank b: 10/13/1876

Auguste Franck b:07/08/1878 d: 07/05/1942 Arolsen, Germany

Theodore Franck b: 04/04/1880

Salomon Franck b: 02/12/1882

2.Josephina Franck b:12/25/1832 d:11/24/1837

3.Regina Franck b:01/18/1835 d: 09/14/1835

4.Julius Franck b: 08/30/1836 d: 12/14/1837

5.Henrietta Franck b:01/11/1838

6.Johannetta Franck b:09/12/1841

7.Ferdinand Franck b:04/24/1844 d: 07/19/1845

8.Emilia Franck b: 10/16/1846

3. Barbara Franck b: 10/22/1812, Marienthal, Germany (3rd Great Aunt) died: 08/22/1893, Essweiler, Germany, buried Hinzweiler, Germany Married Moses Franck on 04/12/1838, Essweiler, Germany, Moses son of Moses Feilder/Sara Wolf b:09/29/1793 in Pleisweiler, Germany d: 1893 in Brucken, Germany. Barbara is his 2nd wife….1st wife is Elizabetha Hammel after giving birth in 1837 her 7th child. She passed. Barbara would give birth to 2 children:

Josephina Franck b:02/04/1839, Essweiler no record of marriage/death as yet

Rosina Franck b: 1852 Brucken, Germany d: 05/31/1902 Essweiler, Germany

Joseph Franck married 2x….1st wife passed, whoever transcribed records for Family Search mixed 1st wife’s 1st name with 2nd wife’s last name really messing up the record but civil registry fortunately has it correct!

1st marriage: 7/27/1825 to Josephina Henrietta Weiner b:12/28/1801 died: 08/03/1831

Had 3 children all who died in Essweiler, Germany at less than 1 year of age

2nd marriage:02/23/1832 to Rosina Wolf b: 12/21/1811, Essweiler, Germany (3rd Great Grandmother) died: 10/24/1866 , Essweiler, Germany

Rosina’s parents would also be one set of 4th Great Grandparents: Benjamin Wolf ll and Sara Becker

Rosina gave birth to 6 children:

1. Rosina Josephina Franck b:01/21/1834, Essweiler, Germany (2nd Great Grandmother)died: 01/06/1893, Wallerfangen, Germany

She married Nathan Jacoby…2nd Great Grandfather (Jacoby of Barweiler, Germany)…date unknown at this time.

She would give birth to 8 children…have name/dates/etc elsewhere….with husbands and children it would add another 30 people to tree

Her sisters/brother: 2x great aunts/uncles

2. Fany Franck b: 03/26/1835, Essweiler, Germany died: 12/17/1835, Essweiler, Germany

3. Julius Franck b: 08/09/1836, Essweiler, Germnay died: 01/14/1893, Essweiler, Germany have found no record of marriage as yet

4. Phipinna Franck b: 10/26/1838, Essweiler no record of marriage or death found to date

5. Susanna Franck b: 08/28/1840, Essweiler, Germnay died: Essweiler, Germany

Susanna married Lazarus Jacob on 02/26/1873 b:04/27/1847 Tholey, Germany to Isak Jakob/Lisetta Oppenheimmer no death date given in Essweiler. Her Uncle Nathan Jacoby and brother Julius would be 2 of the 4 signatures on the marriage decree. Susanna passed during child birth of her only child:

Joseph Jacob b: 10/27/1873 d: 10/27/1873 in Essweiler

6. Barbara Franck : 03/30/1844, Essweiler, Germany

Barbara would on 05/26/1874 marry Susanna’s widow Lazarus Jacob. She would give birth to 6 children and a still born all in Essweiler. Johanna is the only one I currently have a marriage record in Essweiler

1. Johanna Jacob b: 09/15/1874

2. Rosalia Jacob b: 11/24/1875

Johanna married on 10/24/1894 in Essweiler to Hugo Herze son of Hert Herze/Helen Leifgens b:07/29/1870 in Randerath, Germany.

Johanna gave birth to 7 children :

Leo Herze b: 07/17/1895 Essweiler

Adolph Herze b: 12/13/1896, Essweiler Adolph did marry in Essweiler to Rosa Lazar

Arthur Herze b: 08/16/1898, Essweiller

Jacob Herze b: 02/13/1901 in Randerath

Wilhelm Herze b: 01/22/1903 in Kaiserslautern

Hedwig Herze b: 05/12/1909 Klaiserslautern

Erich Herze b: 07/05/1914 Kaiserslautern

Tragedy struck the Herze family during World War ll and to honor the family I create a separate page to tell their story,

3.Ida Jacob b:10/22/1877

4. Flora Jacob b: 10/19/1879

5. Hedwig Jacob b:01/24/1882, married Silvan Geissmann 10/02/1912 in Kaiserslautern, Germany, b: 02/08/1882 in Westhoven, son of Issak Geissmann & Babette Picard,

6. Paulina Jacob b: 10/01/1884

7. Male Jacob b: 09/27/1889 d: 09/27/1889

I said a bit earlier that tragedy befell the Herze family line during World War low are links to the two blogs I have written on the subject. It was painful to write the blogs the first time thus I have chosen to just have links here rather than having to write about it the second time.

Family Persecution

Family Holocaust Memorial Book

Other photographs of my birth father:

My birth father 1950, the year I was born

My birth father's wedding to his 1st wife Pauline

My birth father with his 2nd wife Angeline, both passed away within a few months of each other in 1994

Last photograph I have of my birth not know when it was taken

Sometime between the 1930 census and the 1940 census Ruth Good Marx married John E Weikert. They had three children from their marriage; a son James and daughters Judy and Grace. Ruth's family line I will share in the next chapter due to the amount of material/photographs I have available to me.

I should note that even though officially John is my paternal step father I view him as my paternal grand father. He raised my father as his son and remained with the family until his passing, He was a grandfather one would have been proud to have.

I have been able to do some tracing back of John's family line though it remains incomplete as I have yet to find more detailed information on his set of my paternal great grandparents.

Great Grandparents:

John R Weikert, born 1881 in Pennsylvania

Clara B Slimmer Weikert born August 1886 Maryland…servant to Engler family 1900 New Windsor, MD

Children of:

John E Weikert born in Pennsylvania 3/5/1908...died in Michigan 7/27/1974 (Grandfather) Married Ruth Good Marx Weikert born in Ohio 2/7/1907...died in Michigan 2/17/1988 (Grandmother)

Charles Kenneth Weikert born in PA 9/4/1909..died in Ohio 1/1988 Married Florence (Aunt/Uncle)

Child: Caroline Sue Weikert born in OH 3/17/1938...died in OH 4/8/1938 (1st cousin)

Paul E Weikert born in PA 3/11/1915...died in Ohio 3/11/2000 (Uncle)

Ruel G Weikert born in Ohio 6/16/16...died in Indiana 12/17/1999 Married Mary L born in OH 2/18/1918...died in OH 2/17/2003 Robert R Weikert born 1918 in Ohio…died in Ohio 1/4/2001 (Uncle)

At this time these are the only photographs of any of the Weikert family. I am on contact with Aunt Judy and 1st cousin Tracey and in time more photographs will be made available.

Grandmother Ruth Good Marx Weikert her 81st birthday 2/7/1988, she passed away just 10 days later. Grandmother's birthday date happens to be mine as well tough 43 years later.

Grandfather John and Grandmother Ruth in the early 1960's

Aunt Grace, Aunt Judy, Grandmother Ruth and Great Grandmother Grace

Aunt Judy and her family

1st Cousin Tracey









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