A Voice from the Voiceless & Forgotten
An Anthology of a Foster Care System Survivor

Why I Share My Story

Well lets to try to answer those questions. :

First; writing my story has been very healing for me. I discovered by reliving some of the pains, traumas etc. of the past that what I thought had healed years ago was actually just scabbed over. Writing the story allowed real healing to actually occur.

Second; I realized there are others in the world that have had some of the very same experiences as I. Maybe, just maybe, by my sharing they would realize they aren't alone in their experience and that they could overcome. If it helps just one person, my efforts have been worth it. It also might help others going through the search process.

Third: I wanted those who have never been touched by the adoption triad or foster care system to realize that no, one does not need to be dysfunctional or unhappy to search for their roots by searching for their birth parents. Most of us are quite healthy in every meaning of the word...we just want to know who we are and where we came from. We want what comes naturally to those who were raised by their biological family. I also wanted those within the adoption triad to realize that not only do they search but many of us kids placed for adoption but never adopted but ended up being raised within the foster care system have to go through the same search process they do. I may have gotten my birth mother's name easily but it still took four years of search before finding her.

Fourth: I want to change the foster care system and adoption laws in regards to opening records to adult adoptees. I hope that those involved in either of those situations (agencies, courts, legislatures, etc.) might read the book and realize the need for a change and also realize their current laws and programs cause only harm to those impacted by them..

Five: Royalties from the book will possibly allow me to fulfill a life long dream...the dream of a foundation or donate to other established organizations that would provide assistance for kids trapped in the foster care system for continuing education might become a reality. That they to might have the opportunities I have been blessed with throughout my life.

There you have it, five reasons, but the most important as far as I am concerned is...if it helps one person in their own healing process as it has helped me while writing it...then I will be a happy man.

The far left trophey case contains the trophies Jim & I won in 1967-68 debate season, Our record of victories 289 vs. losses 29 still stands all these years later.



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