A Voice from the Voiceless & Forgotten
An Anthology of a Foster Care System Survivor

Give Voice to the Voiceless

The problems within the foster care system remain as they were in the 1950s and 1960s when I was forced to live within it...these voiceless and forgotten children of today must be given a voice.

Picture a stark image of constant moving, abuse, neglect, and even death. Is it the 1950s? No, this is the bleak picture painted of our foster care system of today!

Children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect by their families are too often only further victimized by "the system" that is supposed to protect them is a matter of chronic, longstanding and unavoidable reality.

The system perversely encourages instability in the lives of abused and neglected children. Despite mountains of evidence showing that every new move a foster child makes leaves emotional and psychological scars, the law in many states keeps the children moving. If children settle into a home, they are moved. If their lives improve in foster care, they're moved. If their lives get worse in foster care, they're moved. Some are moved time and time again until they age out of the system...they they are told to move one more time, as they are now on their own.

They are suppose to go from unstable enviorments to being everyday normal youth and then adults. These expectations after what "the system" puts them through is downright inhuman like out of a horror movie.

It is not fair. It is cruel and unusual. It is a sin, what our society is putting these children through.

There is plenty of blame to go around, but these problems must not merely be identified and studied. At long last, they must be solved.

Congress MUST improve its role in the system. They through the federal government MUST hold states accountable for the treatment of children in their care.

States, for their part, MUST first assume a more child-centered policy posture. It is America's abused and neglected children who need our protection, not "the system" that have failed to do so for decades.

States MUST hold county and private agency foster care providers accountable. They need to provide comprehensive and flexible services, not merely piecemeal programs with competing and rigid categorical boundaries.

States, counties, cities and private agencies MUST move beyond their failed ideas of the past.

A good first new idea: listen to the experts! The experts are not the judges, supervisers or social workers. They may have the degrees...that does not make them the experts! The "real experts" are those that have been forced to live within the broken system day in and day out. They are the foster parents and former foster children. They know where you are succeeding but they also know your failures. Give a voice to those now voiceless and forgotten...you may be surprised by what you learn!

The system is broken, and needs to be fixed. Children are dying, and it is our fault. The time has come for new ideas and new approaches to protect abused and neglected children across the country.

Children are a priority, or so we say they are, the law and enforcement must make them so.

We have studied and investigated and repeated this cyle time and time again. In the meantime countless children have perished, imprisoned or been forgotten.

NOW is the time for action!

Jim & I from an exhibition debate we put on for the staff of Boys Town. Debate became an avenue of escape and success for me.



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