A Voice from the Voiceless & Forgotten
An Anthology of a Foster Care System Survivor

Data used in this book has been updated to reflect most current data available. Since two chapters were moved from this book to "Lost Son" I have added a couple of chapters to this book.

I shared my complete story previously in the book, Lost Son? A Bastard Child’s Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing. It was released in 2004.

This book is an anthology of reflections. It includes articles, poetry, stories and letters written by me over a period of years relating to the foster care system of America. In some instances I repeat problems and possible solutions in a number of articles. It is felt that by repetition the message gets stronger and may be heeded. It is a Voice for the Voiceless and Forgotten.

The photograph on the front cover is me. It was discovered in May 2004 in a box of photos that had not been looked at for years. It was taken on February 10, 1950. I was three days old. The staff of Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan, took it to insert in their Adoptable Babies book. I was never adopted.

It is my hope those reading this book will be inspired to join the struggle to reform the foster care system. This needs to be done to save our future…our children!

I thank the many who have written me since the release of my first book as well as the many foster care reform groups I belong to. Your encouragement is what has given me the will and courage to continue the fight. It is the author’s intention that ALL royalties received from this book, as with my first book will be donated for the cause. It is hoped that through this I will be able to help other “throw away kids” have one or more opportunities in life I have been blessed with. Therefore, I will receive no financial gain from this book. My enrichment will come from knowing, in some small way, that I brightened someone else’s life.

This book is dedicated to those who influenced it's creation:

To the voiceless and forgotten children of the foster care system of the past that have already endured the pain, damage and abuse of this system designed to protect you and serve in “your best interest.

To the children of today’s system: that your struggle to survive and make it in today’s society will be made easier due to an awakened society demanding reform.

To all children, know that you are our future and that you can do and be anything you wish to be!



Diary of an Unborn Child

A Child's Horror

A Child Left Behind

Hear the Anguished Cries

How Many Need to Suffer

What's It Like?

Tribute to Foster Parents

What Foster Children Need

Give A Voice

Letter to Politicians


Do You Wonder?

Why I Share My Experiences

Search Worth It?

Who Are We?

Why I Continue to Care

Letter to Foster Youth/Alumni

When, When, When

Hefty: Luggage of Fostercare

Pro-Life After Birth

System Reform Overview

CPS Reform

Foster Care Reform

Adoption Reform

Uniform Definitions of Neglect/Abuse

Gay/Lesbian Foster/Adoption?

Thousands Wait Adoption



Book: Lost Son


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